Fuji Royal Coffee Discovery (220V)

Fuji Royal Coffee Discovery (220V)

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Fuji Royal Coffee Discovery

ราคา 279,000 บาท

ราคาพิเศษ 245,000 บาท

Half hot air cylinder of the new development, stylish design.

Condensed the top quality quick cooling function performance of high-end models such as intact.

Half hot air cylinder of the new development, exhaust damper standard equipment, quick cooling function, detailed product temperature management of the decimal point display, equipped with a fine adjustment valve and high-performance gas pressure gauge, counter timer mounting measurement roasting time, roasting amount 200g than small full-scale roaster. Slim of the structure, the space-saving design is achieved. While ultra-small I was with all the functions of the full-scale roaster. Sales for and sample roaster, also you can use it at home as a hobby. Individual exhaust fan, cooling, equipped with stirring motor standard.

● Power 220V (for Thailand)

● power consumption 100W

● capacity 200g ● size 356 (W) × 710 (D) × 631 (H) mm 

● heat source gas (various city gas, propane gas)

● gas consumption 2.2kW

● connection hose diameter 10A (9.5 mm) 

● weight 37.9kg roasting amount / Batch beans weight 250g ● roasting method open fire ceremony, half hot air


Development of a Mini Coffee Roaster 200g. 
Coffee is a natural part of life.
"Buying roasted coffee beans in a specialized store is becoming very common these days. It is increasing the demand of customers who wants to buy from the green coffee beans, and roast it by theirselves. Now that we can easily purchase coffee of your preference and good quality, we want to assist the "coffee fans" to be able to roast it properly by having an authentic roaster at home. For that reason, we put all the knowledge we have on that field to develop a 200g roaster. 

Discover a whole new world with "DISCOVER"! 
"DISCOVERY" is a coffee roaster which merges the conventional to newly developed technologies in a small and high performance roaster. We hope we can be your partner in building your own coffee style.

Quick roast by using the best thermal efficiency of a high-calorie burner and maximum wind-force. 
※Now it is possible to roast in less than 8 minutes!

Newly developed semi-hot air cylinder

Classic traditional style

 Standard exhaust damper
※ With the standard exhaust damper,it is easier to highlight the characteristics of the bean. 

 Automatic ejection and rapid cooling feature
※Roasted beans can be completely cooled in about 3 minutes.

 High performance gas valve and fine-tuning pressure gauge

Detailed temperature display with decimal point 

  1. Buzzer to check the temperature

◇Caster for the Mini Coffee Roaster 200g (sold separately)
※ Store efficiently your selected coffee and goods! 

Way for the Mini Coffee Roaster 200g

The Project Team
To develop the Mini Coffee Roaster 200g,we formed the project team first!
For the development of a new product, we recruited members from each department, and started collecting their opinion to put the plan together. Particular attention was given to the sales sector advices and requests. After listing the features that we wanted on our roaster such as "Roasting capacity", "Design","Functionality" and "What are the things required in a roaster",we sent the requirement to the design and production department. Then,they started designing the mechanical structure of "DISCOVERY". 

Prototype of the cylinder is finished! 
To develop the cylinder for 200g (freshly-parched), we first decided the size by calculating the volume.
Once the form of cylinder was decided, we studied the shape of its vane. 
The cylinder vane is the key part to stir and it needs to provide a smooth emission. 
To choose the right vane, we tested by installing it to the cylinder and patiently analyzed the condition for the agitator and emission, times of rotation. It has to be a simple vane due to the small cylinder, otherwise the stir will be hampered by the vane itself. The angle and the height is also a important element to consider. 

Producing the first prototype! 
We tested how the beans are parched and the checked the irregularity of the roasting by changing the rotational speed of the cylinder and the exhaust capacity, also adjusting the heating power of the burner. 

Based on our testing data, we worked on the second prototype! Including improvement on its design. 
We analyzed in-house from different perspectives such as design, performance and durability.
There were many different opinions, but most of them based in the fixed concept of the roasters already existent in the market. There were many different opinions, but most of them based in the fixed concept of the roasters already existent in the market. So we also collected the opinion of people who does not work in FUJI ROYAL to get the feedback of its appearance, paint application, usability, roasting, durability and safety. We studied the necessary improvements in detail and we found out the easy operation and usability are the main requests. Although keeping the traditional style, we incorporate a new and different design thought designed by an industrial designer. (Exhaust damper and a cyclone was added) 
Ah! Regarding durability, there was no modification request! The reputation of FUJI ROYAL's is that they are very durable! 
One of the requests was that the safety device should be same as the top model FUJIROYAL 3kg, that means that although the small size, it requires the same controlling parts. This means that the thermometer regulator, gas electromagnetic valve have to be accommodated in a small area and needs to be as compact as possible. 

From the opinions we got on the second prototype, we started working on the creation of the third and last prototype. More compact and better usability. This will be the model to be launched into the market. 

We concluded our tests with the prototype by clearing the following issues! -Excellent roasting capacity! -Fast cooling! -Capacity up in the cyclone (FUJI ROYAL's original)! -Easy maintenance! -Great usability! (Exhaust dumper is allocated in the front side improving the usability) -Easy to operate! (Good angle to operate by modifying the allocation of the sample spoon from the front side to next to the operation side) -Compact! (The ignition device was changed to direct fire in order to size down) -Innovative design! (Design was improved by shortening the length of the body) 

Quick roast by using the best thermal efficiency of a high-calorie burner and maximum wind-force
Easy to operate and high visibility. 

Despite the small size of the coffee roaster, provide maximum wind-force.
In less than eight minutes, the beans can be firmly roasted. Also handles fast heating by rising the temperature quickly including short-time roasting. Easy to adjust to the roasting time of your choice, from long to normal time. 

Consecutive roasting is possible with independent exhaust ventilation. 
Although it is a miniature model of 200g capacity, we installed the FUJI ROYAL's original exhaust fan. 
The benefit of having an independent exhaust ventilation system is that not only you can roast consecutively, but also it provides fast response in the exhaust adjustment since the ventilation line is direct. 
Powerful and adjustable to all the types of beans, hard and soft! We guarantee you a powerful support for Specialty Coffee Roasters! 

Amazing! Newly developed semi-hot air cylinder 
We successfully developed a new semi hot-air cylinder which is lighter than the FUJI ROYAL's existing products! To do so, the rear axis of the cylinder is of "open bearing" type. The simple structure of the front of the cylinder created more space, increasing the performance of the bean agitation during the roasting process. The quantity of hot air and the appropriate thickness of the cylinder also has resulted in excellent thermal efficiency.
In the picture, you can see that the outer part of the cylinder is changed to blue. This indicates that it has achieved the highest thermal efficiency. 

Classic traditional style 
During 55 years of the history of FUJI ROYAL, we have achieved the reputation of a traditional Japanese brand by assuring strong machines which are hard to break and can be safely used, being detail oriented. 
(The origin of FUJI ROYAL relies on the roaster of Fuji Coffee Machine Manufacture Co., in Tokyo, Meguro area) 

Although the exterior design is still in development stage, we used classical lines in its design to transmit the traditional image of our products. Check also the luxury design of the metallic gold in the details. 

◆Standard exhaust damper 
The emission control system of exhaust damper adjustable in 5-steps allows you to set to the roast of your preference, highlighting better the characteristics of the bean. 

◆Automatic ejection and rapid cooling feature
Cool the beans quickly with a powerful fan to stop the progression of the roast.
In three minutes, the roasted beans are completely cooled, and then automatically discharged into the recipient of the roasted beans stirred by rotation of the vane. A simple and easy to use lever is installed in it to do the emission. 

◆ High performance gas valve and fine-tuning pressure gauge 
We have selected an easy to use and easy to manipulate device. 

◆Detailed temperature display with decimal point
You won't miss any temperature change with the detailed temperature display with decimal points. 

◆Installation of a buzzer to notify the target temperature
Once reaching the target temperature of your choice, it will buzz. Very useful with the residual heat or during roasting. 

◇Optional accessories are also available!? 
Exclusive caster for Mini Coffee Roaster 200g 

Caster designed to keep a compact storage of the tools required to extract and roast coffee .
Great balance between the wood and steel tracks, with premium accents.